Phoenix - Trying To Be Cool

Phoenix “Trying To Be Cool”, and very much succeeding. Great clip.

Highs Highs - Once around the house

I have really been enjoying High Highs this year, and here is their latest track ‘Once around the house’ its the lead single from their as yet unnamed debut album due in January 2013.

Between ‘Flowers bloom’, ‘Open season’, and now ‘Once around the house’, I’m thinking this album is going to be reeeeeeeally good!


Port St. Willow - Hollow

This is Port St. WIllow, the music project of Nick Principe.

Everybody needs to hear this!

I have had the track Hollow on repeat for the last week

Action Beat

4 Drummers in 1 band = Baaaaaad ass

Purity Ring - Fineshrine

Beautiful new video from Purity Ring…

Frank Ocean - Channel Orange

Here it is!

The new Frank Ocean!


'Sweet Life' new track from Frank Ocean…

Smoooooth as usual!

(via frankocean)

The Aikiu - Pieces Of Gold

Check out the awesome new video for our latest track ‘Pieces Of Gold’ by my other band The Aikiu.

Video by Panteros.

Yeasayer - Henrietta

Check out the amazing new track from Yeasayer – “Henrietta”

New album “Fragrant World” due out on August 21.

Can’t wait!

8-bit Radiohead

I love OK Computer.

I love 8-bit.

Lets not forget the ever amazing Kid A.

Oh yes.

M83 - Reunion

So it looks like there is a new M83 video on the horizon… I’m looking forward to watching this!

Kids review Radiohead

This is too good.

Notable quotes include:

"I think he is depressed"

"I don’t think he has any friends… only pets"

"I think people just pretend to like it to be cool, but no one actually likes it"

"N-Dubz is better, he has more songs"


Mount Kimbie + James Blake


Hell yes.

CANT - Believe

CANT is the solo project from Grizzly Bear side-man Chris Taylor.

This track from the debut is Believe. Pardon the pun, put I do believe I have had this on repeat all day.

Airbird - Goodnight

Airbird just made my day. Goodnight.

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